Do more with less people

Business operations solutions that streamline your processes, so you can get more done with less people.

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It's Time to Take Control of Your Business Organization

Many fast growing businesses think they need to hire an Assistant Manager or a team to scale their business. Often what they really need is to leverage the right systems and tools to optimize their internal operations.

A Simple 3 Step Process

Together, we work through a process to identify internal operations that can be automated, design & implement streamlined processes to increase efficiency, conversion rates and decrease administrative costs. Then I teach you how to manage them so that you can do more with less people.


Identify the Gaps

We’ll assess your processes and determine which ones can easily be automated into simple workflows.


Improve & Implement

We work together to streamline your unique processes and minimize your need for indirect labor.


Document & Maintain

Get clear documentation and video SOP’s to teach your team how to use & maintain the processes so they grow with your business.

Save Overhead Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Too many agencies hire help to take over managing their workload before leveraging systems and tools leading to unfavorable consequences such as:

  • Leads slipping through the cracks
  • Unnecessarily high people expenses
  • Lack of organized internal processes

Getting Started is Easy

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Do More With Less

Hi, I'm Sarah Bronkema!

As a fellow business owner, I understand how easy it is to want to hire help as soon as you have an increased or overwhelming workload. However, I see time and time again what my clients really need is to first leverage the power of the right strategy and automations to minimize their overall internal workload.

My background and experience is in agencies and streamlining the way businesses operate. I’ll help you strategize the most efficient way to get things done by leveraging my strengths of solution-finding and analytical thinking paired with the power of technology and automations.

I’ve been in the online business space since 2011 a few months after having my first child (of two). Since then, I’ve built and managed a multi 6-figure brokerage agency, created a growing real estate investment portfolio, graduated with my B.B.A. in Business Management in 2020, and pivoted into more meaningful work of making other people’s lives easier by helping them leverage technology to handle more of the heavy lifting.

"She consistently makes sound recommendations that move us forward quickly with our projects and help us streamline our processes. You'll ask for a wheel and she'll give you a car.”
Annette Sharpe
COO Rock Thomas Inc.
“When I started adding clients and projects to the structure you built, it felt SO MUCH easier than before. Thank you again for all your hard work on getting my project management process in order. I’ve loved working with you on this project!”
Karen Escobar
CEO Golden Coast Marketing

Stop Putting Your Processes On The Back Burner

Don’t wait another day to simplify your processes, start doing more with less people today.